Five Shot Dead In Afghan Provinces

As many as five people were shot dead in two separate incidents in Afghanistan on Tuesday, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

In eastern Laghman province, four members of a family were killed and one person from the same family was wounded in a shooting attack in Surkhakan locality, 90 km east of Kabul, Xinhua news agency reported citing Afghanistan Ministry of Interior, Haqel Jan Azam.

The assailant fled the scene and local security officials have conducted an investigation into the case.

The motive behind the shooting might be personnel enmity, according to the source.

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In northern Baghlan province, an engineer of a local cement factory was shot and killed on the outskirts of provincial capital Pul-e-Khumri. Officials from provincial government confirmed the incident.

The security situation in Afghanistan has remained generally calm since the Taliban’s takeover of power in mid-August last year, however, uncertainty remains as the economic situation has worsened with a higher unemployment rate and rising poverty.

The security personnel of Taliban-led caretaker government have arrested scores of criminals and members of armed theft gangs across the country within the past couple of months.